Available Data


Ball Data & Flight

Ball Speed
Vertical Launch Angle
Horizontal Launch Angle
Vertical Descent Angle
Smash Factor
Spin Rate
Spin Axis
Carry Distance
Roll Distance
Total Distance
Lateral Landing
Apex Height
Flight Time
Shot Dispersion
Skills Distance to Pin
Skills Score

Club & Swing

Low Point
Club Speed
Club Speed Profile
Club Acceleration Profile
Face to Target
Face to Path
Dynamic Loft
Angle of Attack
Club Path
Spin Loft
Vertical Swing Plane
Horizontal Swing Plane

The Great Features You Expect

Auto Leveling Feet

No levelling required. Automatic software levelling

Rechargeable Battery

Up to 4 hours of operation on a single, full charge

Built-in Wi-Fi

Creates a Wi-Fi hotspot for direct connection to iOS and Android mobile devices

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