Affordable Business Leasing Options

Alleviate cash flow by spreading the cost

Our leasing option allows the exchange of rental fees for the use of the equipment that you want. Depending on your business requirements, these rentals can be paid monthly or quarterly and can be tailored to support a healthy cash flow. This makes finance leasing a particularly effective and budget-friendly finance solution for businesses wanting the latest equipment at affordable rates.

No major upfront costs

Leasing removes the initial significant outlay, allowing you to put your cash to better use.

Pay as you earn

Get use of the equipment immediately, without having to find the full sum up front.

Simplify budgeting

Lease rental payments and interest are fixed, making budgeting and forecasting easier.

Protect existing lines of credit

Using leasing protects your existing lines of credit such as bank loans and overdrafts.

Keep up-to-date

The opportunity to upgrade at any time, allowing your business to stay competitive.

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Shire Leasing PLC Lease Rental Quotation

FlightScope Xi Tour

£7,895.00 + VAT

As one of the largest independent finance houses in the UK, Shire Leasing Plc are able to provide competitive funding solutions to satisfy the needs of the business user. The benefits of spreading the cost over a period of time are widely appreciated and of course this allows other forms of capital to remain within the business.

Fixed Period in Years Payment Schedule Intial Rental Remaining Payments Rental
3 Years Monthly £281.46 + VAT 35 £281.46 + VAT
4 Years Monthly £221.45 + VAT 47 £221.45 + VAT
5 Years Monthly £185.69 + VAT 59 £185.69 + VAT

All the payments are quoted assuming payment by direct debit and are subject to credit acceptance. The initial rental is payable on inception of the agreement and further rentals are payable at the frequency detailed above.

VAT is payable on the rentals

A one-off administration fee of £125.00 + VAT will be charged separately by the lessor when the contract is activated. At the end of the contract you will have two options,
1: Upgrade the system and start a new agreement.
2: Purchase the title ownership for 2.5% of the initial cost with an optional ongoing support agreement signed up on a 2 year term.

Shire Leasing is the largest independent funding house in the UK, specialising in leasing specifically for business critical equipment in the B2B market place. With an Own Book portfolio of circa £100m, Shire Leasing provide competitive rates as well as great support when offering business finance options, making them the preferential and recommended business lease provider of Click2Finance is Shire’s safe and secure online payment option. To find out more, visit

Business use customers only Ebuyer (UK) Limited is Regulated and Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. We act as a credit broker in any finance transaction to find a suitable arrangement for you. Shire Leasing PLC is acting as lessor – Any lease entered into with Shire Leasing PLC is subject to application, credit and their terms and conditions. * All figures are excluding VAT. Tax relief is calculated at 20%. The benefits are dependent on your business circumstances and this example is for illustrative purposes only. To ensure you qualify please seek financial advice.