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Your order includes:

  • HackMotion LITE Sensor with core wrist measurement data and real-time biofeedback
  • iOS app for iPad, iPhone (unlimited installations)
  • Package includes wrist sensor, charging wire, user-manual
  • Full Swing/Short Game and Putting mode
  • PGA Tour Player wrist data samples
  • Lifetime access to future software updates, there is no annual fee
  • Two Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


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For coaches/players looking to understand and improve wrist angles and clubface control.
  • Get instant wrist angle data for main swing positions (address, top, impact)
  • Use real-time audio feedback to fix common swing faults
  • Learn from PGA Tour player wrist data


Super Fast Setup

It takes just 30 seconds to put the sensor on, launch the app and start gathering data. No lesson time gets wasted with long setup.

Measure all the wrist angles

The sensor measures – flexion / extension (bowing / cupping), radial / ulnar deviation (wrist hinge), rotation amount and speed.

Real-time Biofeedback

Select the wrist angle range you want and the audio feedback tone will tell you if you are in your desired position.

After-Swing Biofeedback

Intsant audio feedback after each swing for effective reinforcement learning

Benchmark and Compare Swings

Overlay 2 swings for comparison. Use either tour player data or your own data from previous sessions as a reference.


Use it everywhere – both on driving range and on the course. The software runs on iPhone and iPad (iOS 11 or later)

PC version for your Golf Studio

Use the PC sofrware in your indoor golf studio (Windows 10 or later).

PGA TOUR player data

Learn from tour player wrist motion patterns included in the app and compare it your own data.

Full swing / pitching and putting

Get the data for short game and long game. Full swing, pitching, chipping shots and putts are all supported.

Live 3D model

See the wrist data in 3D live mode for visual analysis. Replay the swings and check the angles at each position of the swing.

Automatic swing detection

The sensor automatically detects swings once you start the session. No need to time anything.

Powerful battery

The sensor battery lasts for 7 hours of intense operation. Rechargable to 80% in 1 hour.

Lightweight and small

The sensor weighs just 1.8 oz (50 g) and is so small that you will forget that you are even wearing it.

Precise data

Data capture rate of 100 frames per second (100 Hz) will give you detailed wrist motion at each moment of the swing

Right and Left-handed mode

The sensor supports both – right and left handed players. Just wear it on the lead wrist and set the checkbox in software.

Easy to use

User interface has been built around ease of use, you can learn to use the sensor in one training session.

Auto-record data

The sensor automatically detects swings once you start the session. No need to time anything.


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