The only complete wrist angle training solution that measures, analyses and helps you improve!

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Key Features

Say hello to the era of fact-based golf training

Full Version:

  •  All of LITE version features included
  •  Explore detailed graphs of wrist motion at every moment of the swing
  •  Use after-swing audio feedback for reinforcement learning
  •  Compare and benchmark best/worst swings

HackMotion Wrist Sensor makes it easier to measure and optimize your wrist angles to gain better clubface control and more controlled ball flight with smart biofeedback solution.

Compatible for full swing, pitching and putting, this nifty device lets you easily track and demonstrate progress during lessons, compare and benchmark swings to previous data or PGA Tour player results. HackMotion simply helps you make smart, data-based decisions for improving ball flight and provides real-time cause and effect to accelerate the learning curve!

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