Cutting Edge



Is new cutting edge technology giving detailed accurate and

reliable putting pararameters for complete analysis 

What is Capto 



Is a putting analysis system composed by a high accuracy sensor and

associated software,  that can run in all you devices.

It is easy to use , highly accurate and very light.

CAPTO offers analysis in real time

indoor and outdoor and in real game conditions

Calibration Tool 


Calibration Tool

The Calibration Tool is specifically designed to work along with the CAPTO putting system.

It allows you to install the sensor on the putter correctly in order to measure data in the optimal way

It can be used during the calibration phase in the App

This tool is included in the core of the CAPTO Putting System.

It can be purchased in our online store CAPTO bundle.

Loft Lie Meter



Loft Lie Meter

This tool is specifically designed to work along with the CAPTO putting system
It allows to measure the putter loft and lie. It can be used to to perform the loft lie calibration in the App
This tool is included in the core of the CAPTO putting system, it can be purchased in our CAPTO store bundle.


The Sensor along with the App are the core of the CAPTO putting system.
Install it on your putter, launch the Capto App, and you are ready to go

Technical Characteristics

Carry Case
  •  High Frequency data capturing up to 400 hz
  •  Wi-Fi connection at 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  •  It can work both indoor and outdoor up to 50 metres from the base
  •  Easy and quick set up
  •  Light and small to travel with
  •  Dimensions: 5.4 cms x 3.8 cms
  •  Weight: 62 grams
  •  Sensor placement: on the putters shaft half way
  •  MSE ( mean square error ) accuracy is of 1.1 degrees

The Sensor


The data provided by the sensor allows to measures over 30 parameters:

- Face angle                                     - Forward swing to impact time
- Shaft angle                                    - Total swing time
- Lie angle                                        - Tempo
- Face rotation °/sec                        - Club directional speed
- Shaft rotation (shaft lean) °/sec   - Club height speed
- Lie rotation °/sec                           - Ball speed
- Club Path                                       - Ball direction
- Angle of Attack                              - Launch
- Sweet Spot                                     - Lie to green / Lie deviation
- Kernel                                             - Directional acceleration
​- Face to arc                                      - Height acceleration
- Shaft to arc                                     - Energy dispersion
- Handling                                         - Trembling
- Swing length                                  - Backswing time
- Torque dissipated energy             - Forward press angles





Capto App

The App along with the sensor are the core of the Capto Putting System.
​Capto App is compatible with Windows, MacOSX, Android and iOS (System Requirements: 2 GB Ram)
​You can use one sensor with all your devices (unlimited), and share the data between them with an unique cloud database. The software interface is the same for all devices.


Player Profile

Create a profile for each player to best organize your students and play sessions.

Every player will have its own putter associated and its own strokes.

Putter Profile

Each putter has its own specification.
Here you can enter your putter and insert the technical data.
Perform 3 different calibrations to be sure to obtain the best data from your Capto Putting System



From the Lab section you can see an overview of some of the data at the impact acquired in a stroke


From the Custom lab section you can select the tiles you want to focus on, you can choose up to 9 tiles to examine during your training.


From the player's specific characteristic it is possible to compute its ideal face and lie.
The Live function allows the player to improve on face and lie angles during the swing.


Collect data, watch average values, create reports

Reports Manager

Save, organize, analyze, share with other Capto user, upload to your database, send reports, sounds, vocal notes.


Create your own circuit of holes where players can play and have a valuation of their performance based on technical data and results.

Protocol Leaderboards

Collect the performance of all your players and create reports and share the data


Analyze deeply all the data that you have collected of the stroke

3D Motion

Look at the 3d reconstruction of your strokes, with the possibility to see your trajectory, the ideal trajectory and all the rotation planes


Watch live your parameters during the stroke and choose your favourite from the list of all the available data

Aimed at the PGA Professional CAPTO has an excellent quality level at

an affordable price.

You have all the data required for a full putting analysis

Ready to order CAPTO technology ?