'The integration of FlightScope ball and club data with MySwing full-body 3D motion allows me to analyze every aspect of my players’ swing.'

Mike Adams, 2016 PGA Teacher of the Year

What is MySwing


Suit up - Adjustable straps are comfortable, washable and lightweight. Simply attach the sensors to the straps with a single turn and you’re ready to go.

Calibrate - Three simple poses will help align your system so you’re ready to begin capturing data

Data Capture - Using 3D motion capture, mySwing provides angles, speeds and velocities of the golf swing available to view from any angle. FlightScope data will be available to view along with 3D swing data in the mySwing Professional software.

Analyze - View your golf swing frame by frame and compare multiple swings side by side. Draw body lines, angles, and traces. Kinematic graphs are available to evaluate mechanics.

Upload & Store - Physical screens, swings and FlightScope data are automatically uploaded to the mySwing Locker.

What is included with MySwing Professional?


PC Tablet loaded with MySwing Professional Software

Quick Start Guide

17 Body Sensors & 2 Shaft Sensors with Charging Device


Carrying Case

Training & Upgrades

The only wireless, full-body, 3D motion capture tool combined with FlightScope data to bring body motion, club data, and ball flight together for cause and effect.

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