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  • CAPTO Putting Analysis

    The Capto Putting System comes with The CAPTO Sensor,  Capto App, The Calibration Tool, Loft Lie Meter and Level1 & Level 2 Online training.  All together in One Bundle

    not rated £1,920.00
  • FlightScope Mevo in Stock

    Data: carry distance, club head speed, ball speed, smash, vertical launch angle, spin, height and flight time.

    Baseball & Cricket
    Data parameters: pitch speed, pitch spin, exit speed, carry distance and vertical launch angle.

    Coming soon, the mevo soccer app combined with the mevo hardware will provide athletes accurate kick and ball data to help improve performance.

    not rated £515.00
  • FlightScope Mevo+ available September 2020 for pre-order

    FlightScope Mevo+ available September 2020 for pre-order

    not rated £1,944.00
  • FocusBand


    not rated £540.00
  • Hackmotion Lite


    Your order includes:

    • HackMotion LITE Sensor with core wrist measurement data and real-time biofeedback
    • iOS app for iPad, iPhone (unlimited installations)
    • Package includes wrist sensor, charging wire, user-manual
    • Full Swing/Short Game and Putting mode
    • PGA Tour Player wrist data samples
    • Lifetime access to future software updates, there is no annual fee
    • Two Year Warranty
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


    not rated £405.00
  • HackMotion Wrist Sensor

    Captures 100 frames per second (100Hz)
    Battery life for 7 hours of intense operation (recharge in 2h)
    Sensor resolution (< 1 degree)
    Super lightweight (only 50 g)
    Connects via Bluetooth (to Windows, iOS device)
    Standard 2 year warranty
    not rated £635.00